Before I had my first session, I remember thinking that Journey probably cannot offer me anything new, because my life is quite good and I already understand all my past. Today I'm extremely grateful that my curiosity still won, because already the first session brought up a memory I thought had resolved long ago. "But in that case it wouldn't have come up today," said a friend who was guiding the process.

At that moment, I realized that in my mind, I really did understand everything,
but emotionally I had not resolved it and the subconscious believes I was carrying with me were still influencing my life negatively. This experience was so profound that for the next two days I was looking at people on the street with completely new eyes.

Despite the fact that I had considered myself a happy person, I constantly felt like something was missing. I was looking for that something from external things, to the point that I decided to take time off from work and go on a trip around the world for a year. Although this backpacking trip gave me so many invaluable experiences, increased my courage and broadened my view of the world, much greater victories and joys have come to my life thanks to the journeys in my inner world. Among other things, I have been freed from many fears, some of which I was not
aware of before, but which ruled my life without me knowing it.

Thanks to Journey, I started to recognize my unhealthy unconscious thought-patterns, their causes and consequences. I saw how I had unconsciously chosen relationships where I experienced feelings of jealousy, betrayal or worthlessness. I did not know who was I as a person, since I had always adapted my behavior to the people around me, to feel accepted and important. At the same time, I denied my real needs and feelings, not even knowing what is it that I really need.
Secretly, I judged others, not realizing that by doing that, I was limiting my own freedom. For me, anger was associated with aggressive behavior, so I had buried it deep inside and did not dare to admit or feel it for many years. Unfortunately, by suppressing that natural energy, I also suppressed my vitality and life-force. Unconscious anger had accumulated in the body and expressed itself as fatigue, passive-aggressive behaviour and health disorders.

Today, thanks to Journey, I have learned how to healthily feel all the feelings that
being human offers, without harming others or oneself and without getting stuck in these feelings. Having learned how to feel fear, anger, sadness, grief, vulnerability, etc. in a safe environment, I now have the skills to deal with these feelings in everyday life, and to use them to heal my past. Having changed old negative beliefs about myself and life, I increasingly attract people and situations that support my life and dreams. I know who I am, I respect myself and others, and by living my own truth, the approval that I was desperately seeking from others, just comes as a natural by-product.

All in all, the Journey method has helped me build the foundation thanks to which I trust life, listen to my intuition and live in freedom as myself in a way that I could not even dream before. I also know that the journey of growing and learning never ends, but it is possible to go through the lessons with ease, and by taking responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings, I can manifest my life consciously.

You, too, can heal your past and change your present and future. Ask yourself if there's some area in your life that you really want to upgrade, even if you don't know how. And if you feel a string YES, just know that the result may be even more beautiful than you can imagine.


I have been a Journey Practitioner since 2016.
In 2017, I completed a year-long "Holistic Training" course in the Estonian Holistic Institute.
I have completed courses on "Death and Grief" and "Helping the Victim of Abuse" in University of Tartu...
...and several other mind-body and spiritual workshops and trainings.
And I continue to educate myself daily, all of which is too much to list here.

I've been greatly inspired by Mooji, Ramana Maharaji, Miranda Macpherson, Kristiina Raie, Liza Unmani Hyde, Suzanne Giesemann, "A Course in Miracles", and the teachings of Law of Attraction and Peaceful Parenting.

Before I found Journey, I worked as a project manager at Skype.
Currently, besides being a Journey Practitioner, I've partnered with The Shift Network as an Operations Consultant.

I live in Otepää with my loving partner and two sons.