Journey helped me find my life's purpose again and understand what is important.
— Marja

Just wanted to let you know I'm doing good. After our journey I really found the motivation to get a job. I found an open position, applied, got the job and have now been working for three weeks and it's all really nice. I totally see the connection between the thoughts and emotions that came up and that we changed during the our session.
— K.

After our first Skype session I knew that Journey work perfectly also online. So I had several more sessions with Marit and I finally healed my health!!!
Marit is trustworthy and knows how to guide you through the entire process. I'm forever grateful for these Journey sessions and that you supported me during the most difficult and painful period of my life. Thank you!!!
— Julia

Journey can help you find solutions to problems that you didn't even know you have — kind of like having worn a size too small shoes your entire life cause you didn't know you can ask for more comfortable ones.
— Maria